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Microsoft Windows Search Filter Host – High CPU on Windows 8 – FIXED (Look at your PDF iFilter)

If you don’t want to read any of this article and just want to fix the problem that I found: It turned out to be a problem with the iFilter for PDFs within Microsoft Windows Search Filter Host specifically 64 … Continue reading

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ARN ICT Industry Awards–lots of clouds but still plenty of on-premise

Hot on the heals of the announcement for the Microsoft Australian Partner Awards (MAPA) comes the ARN ICT Industry Awards:  It is obviously exciting to see lots of finalists who have positioned themselves for success with a focus on … Continue reading

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Disruption in IT – is it really as disruptive as we think?

I have spent my IT career doing the odd stuff, working on projects that were considered strange and not mainstream and working for companies that have been working in “new” areas.  It has been fun and I have enjoyed being … Continue reading

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Oh Cortana, how you surprise me in positive ways

Quick background So I’m a geek and I enrolled in the Windows Phone dev preview program so I could get Windows Phone 8.1 onto my Lumia 925 asap. I have been really pleased with many of the updates e.g. action … Continue reading

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How will the 14% Challenger mindset shape Microsoft’s FY15?

Obviously this is what Satya Nadella and his executive team at Microsoft are paid the big $s for.  But here are my thoughts and observations: In the good old days IBM sold you the hardware and gave you the software. … Continue reading

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WPC 2014 – 14% market share admission is potentially the most significant message

As mentioned in a previous blog post (Microsoft WPC Day 3) there were very few major announcements at Microsoft #WPC14 and nothing with a “WOW” factor. Maybe this is to be expected. Satya Nadella is relatively new in role and … Continue reading

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